"Taking a photograph is cutting a slice from time - there ist no before it, there is no after it" - Stefan Malzkorn does attempt to capture this instant, following his own passion. Twenty years experience in all the different fields o photography have sharpened his view. And still he preserves his curiosity that adds something special to his pictures.


"Malzkorn´s Rock'n'Roll" is Malzkorn´s fourth single exhibition, in a cooperation with the Reeeperbahn Festival Hamburg. It was launched in September 2013 at the Nochtspeicher in Hamburg´s redlight-district St. Pauli. The exhibition is designed to travel and is partly accompanied by musical events. In his exhibitions the photographer follows the general line of finding new aesthetic compositions to form a new formal unity. Main guideline is the available space, the architectural design of the exhibiton room that leads him to new solutions for the presentation of his work.


Nummerous publications in magazines, books and on covers tell the story of 20 years of passionate photography. Name media, industry or the service industry: customers of all kinds do appreciate the unique professionalism of Stefan Malzkorn's work


Stefan Malzkorn´s aim is to truly satisfy his customer. In addition to his photographical work he offers a number of services round his work.


Precise and focused - Stefan Malzkorn concentrates on the heart of the matter - while using the rules of picture aesthetics playfully pictures a created that are bringing character, personality and the beauty of his objects to surface.


In 2013 Stefan Malzkorn has developed his own system for hanging pictures - mainly thought to create additional space in a showroom. The System is based on metal-wire technology, allowing picture-frames to hang free from a ceiling.

Stefan Malzkorn has applied for a patent both for the system itself, and for the new designed picture frames.



Stefan Malzkorn

Steinbeker Strasse 14

D-20537 Hamburg


+49(0)40-34 54 02